• PLU #4801
Pack size
  • 10lb
  • There is a common misconception that the Tomatillo is a variety of tomato. It’s actually in the gooseberry family. The fruit does resemble a small unripe tomato and is usually green. The fruit is covered in a sticky husk. Tomatillo’s flesh is full of small seeds and has a sweet/sour flavor.
  • Tomatillo has a sweet and sour taste. It is a Mexican staple, and it is the main ingredient in Salsa Verde. It is used most often when semi-soft and green, the Tomatillo can be enjoyed either raw or cooked. It can also be roasted and added to other ingredients or used to make salads and shish-kebabs.
  • Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, South America
Country of origin
  • Mexico, USA
Quality specifications
  • Color – Green skin covered in a sticky husk
  • Cleanliness – Must be clean (no dirt, spotting, dust, or any other foreign material).
  • Other – Can have no scarring, cracks, splits, or breaks, or mechanical damage.
  • Defects – Softness, or white fungus
Display and storage
  • Storage- 35-45 degrees
  • Display- Room temperature
  • Shelf life- 5-8 days