Salutti/Aloevine Drinks

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  • The Salutti/Aloevine Aloe vera drinks are a popular drink among the health conscious who are familiar with the benefits of the Aloe vera leaf. It contains floating bits of aloe vera and comes in a wide array of flavors for suitable for every palate. Originally consumed by the asian market, now popular among the growing Hispanic consumers as well as the general public. Aloe vera drinks have penetrated every market, from the higher end chains to the local grocery stores.
  • Drinkable with meals and on the go, a healthier soft drink alternative. It is right in line with the functional beverage trend.
  • Asian, Hispanics, West Indies, General
Country of origin
  • South Korea
Quality specifications
  • Color – Comes in different colors and different flavors.
Display and storage
  • Storage- Room temperature
  • Display- Room temperature or refrigerate
  • Shelf life- 1 year