Name Negro (Black Yam)

  • PLU #4836
Pack size
  • 38lb
  • The Negro Yam has dark brown or black skin; it is whitish in color inside with a hard texture. Related to the white name, Very tasty, uses by many cultures, especially in the West Indies.
  • They must always be cooked to remove harmful compounds. Boiling is the most common cooking method but they can be also fried and mashed. Great substitute of potatoes.
  • West Indian, especially Jamaicans and Puerto Ricans
Country of origin
  • Jamaica
Quality specifications
  • Color – Dark Brown.
  • Cleanliness – Must be clean (no dirt, spotting, dust, or any other foreign material).
  • Other – Can have no scarring, cracks, splits, or breaks, or mechanical damage.
  • Defects – Softness, black spots in the meat of the fruit
Display and storage
  • Storage- 55-65 degrees, dry environment
  • Display- Room temperature
  • Shelf life- 8-12 days