Breadfruit (Panapen)

  • PLU #4254
Pack size
  • 35lb
  • Panapen/Breafruit is a grapefruit sized ovoid fruit with a rough surface. Each fruit is divided into achenes. The breadfruit is closely related to the breadnut. It is very rich in starch. The firm, cream-colored flesh becomes soft and sweet when ripe, and emits a sweet tropical fragrance.
  • Staple food in the Caribbean, can be eaten roasted, baked, fried or boiled. When cooked the taste is described as chestnut – like, or similar to fresh baked bread. Very ripe breadfruit becomes sweet.
  • Puerto Rico, Mexico, West Indies, Central America.
Country of origin
  • Dominican Republic
Quality specifications
  • Color – Light Green
  • Cleanliness – Must be clean (no dirt, spotting, dust, or any other foreign material).
  • Other – Can have no scarring, cracks, splits, or breaks, or mechanical damage.
  • Defects – Softness, black spots in the meat of the fruit
Display and storage
  • Storage- 45-55 degrees
  • Display- Room temperature must be overwrapped
  • Shelf life- 7-10 days