Banana Green (Guineo Verde)

  • PLU #4231
Pack size
  • 40lb
  • Green bananas or cooking bananas are regular bananas before ripening process, non gassed.
  • Green bananas are usually boiled, and used as a side dish for fish or chicken. Sometimes also used grated. It is also very common in soups, also used for making pasteles.
  • Caribbean, especially Dominicans, Puerto Rico and Jamaicans
Country of origin
  • Colombia, Ecuador , Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala
Quality specifications
  • Color – Green (cannot show ripening)
  • Cleanliness – Must be clean (no dirt, spotting, dust, or any other foreign material).
  • Other – Can have no scarring, cracks, splits, or breaks, or mechanical damage.
  • This item is naturally un-ripened, hence customers should choose when most green, before it starts turning yellow.
  • Defects – turning yellow
Display and storage
  • Storage- 45-55 degrees, dry environment
  • Display- Room temperature
  • Shelf life- 4-7 days