Avocado Green

  • PLU # 4771 #4223
Pack size
  • 10-12 CT
  • This avocado is a large green fruit with smooth skin. Similar to the Hass Avocado, but not as creamy. Popular in the Caribbean Hispanic Islands, and the West Indies. They are high in goods fats that lower bad cholesterol and help with the good HDL levels; have the highest fiber content of any fruit and are rich in B, E and K vitamins.
  • Used in different dishes, but primarily as a salad or a side dish in slices or in cubes. This avocado is usually not used for guacamole.
  • Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Caribbean non-Hispanics, South America, African Americans and Asians.
Country of origin
  • USA, Dominican Republic
Quality specifications
  • Color – Green
  • Cleanliness – Must be clean (no dirt, spotting, dust, or any other foreign material).
  • Other – Can have no scarring, cracks, splits, or breaks, or mechanical damage.
  • Defects – extreme softness or blackening.
Display and storage
  • Storage- 45-55 degrees
  • Display- Room temperature
  • Shelf life- 5-7 days